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Hornby R3810 L&MR Stephenson’s Rocket.

Hornby R3810 – Era 1
L&MR Stephenson’s Rocket Train Pack.
6-pin Socket

Coach Names Included

  • Globe
  • Renown
  • Wellington
    Train Crew come in a sealed bag with this model we cannot fit these because you cannot then put the Loco back in it’s box


Customers are experiencing problems removing the Loco and snapping the wires to the Tender, this is because they are trying to remove the loco incorrectly.
Please place the Box upside down on a cloth so the Loco is facing the cloth, gently using your 2 Thumbs press the Loco & Tender from the backside there is a plastic cover which will push the Loco & Tender out without damaging the wires. All our models are checked for damage prior to shipping please note we are aware of these issues so any returning of these models for this issue will be chargeable to the customer.

Services to your Loco               
£50 – 6 Pin Lok Pilot Decoder Fitted.
£140 – ESU V5 Olivia’s Sound Fitted. 

Additional Work Available- DCC Fitted Only.

£45 – ESU Stay Alive Fitted (ESU Decoded Req) We strongly recommend fitting this on Both DCC & Sound Fitting
All our work is not 
visual the Stay alive fits inside the Barrel the decoder & sugar cube below the Coal
£75 – Suethe Smoke Fitted (New from 2nd July) watch the video

Our Lastest addition is Smoke we remove part of the Chimney and replace the center part with a smoke unit refit the Crown & paint with enamel paint to match.
Please note the Smoke unit will burn your fingers if you touch this whilst turned on & for a few mins after turning it off.

ESU Olivia’s Trains Stevenson’s Rocket Sound Functions

F1: – Sound On/Off -Steam Hiss
F2: – Trumpet
F3: – Injector
F4: – Aux 1
F5: – Coal Shoveling
F6: – Smoke -On/Off
F7: – Guard Whistle
F8: – Wheelslip
F9: – Buffer Clash
F10: – Coupling
F11: – Flange Squeel
F12: – Water Fill
F13: – Rail Clack
F14: -Bird Song
F15: – Fade Out Sound


Rocket was designed and built as a direct response to the invitation to the Rainhill Trials issued by the Directors of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway on April 25, 1829 for “a Locomotive Engine, which shall be a decided improvement on any hitherto constructed, subject to certain stipulations and conditions.” Initially known as the Premium Locomotive Engine, design and development work on the locomotive took place at Robert Stephenson & Co’s Newcastle factory and while George Stephenson is acknowledged as the engineer responsible for Rocket, much of the work was carried out by his son Robert, in conjunction with his draftsman George Phipps and Works Manager William Hutchinson.

Rocket was completed to Robert Stephenson’s satisfaction on September 2, 1829 and was transported to Killingworth Colliery for steam and load haul testing prior to the Rainhill Trials. Rocket’s livery of yellow and black, with a white chimney, mirrored that of the L&MR’s existing first class coaches which, in turn, copied that of the fastest road coaches at the time and was chosen by George Stephenson in 1828 to suggest speed and reliability to a new class of travelling public. The outcome of the Rainhill Trials established Rocket as the clear winner and the L&MR Board awarded Robert Stephenson and Co. the contract to produce four further ‘Rocket’ type locomotives, all of which were to incorporate improvements highlighted by the Rainhill Trials. Over the next three years, Rocket itself was gradually improved, until February 1833 when the locomotive was relegated to secondary and standby duties.

Rocket was purchased by Thompson & Sons of Kirkhouse for operating mineral trains on the Brampton Railway, but could not cope with the heavy trains and was withdrawn from service in 1840. In 1850 Rocket was moved to the Newcastle works of Robert Stephenson & Co. and in 1862 was donated to the Patent Museum, the forerunner of the Science Museum, by the Thompson family.

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