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Hornby R30081 Class 390 4-Car Avanti West Coast

R30081 Hornby Avanti West Coast Class 390 Pendolino Train Pack
390119 Pride Era 11.
In Avanti West Coast Livery.

Era 11

Pre-order Due Dec 2021

Unit Prices:
£250 – Analogue.
£306 – 2x Std Decoders Fitted (+£16 ESU Lokpilots).
£414 – ESU V5 Olivia’s Single Sound Fitted.
£532 – ESU V5 Olivia’s Twin Sound Fitted.

Additional Work Available- DCC Fitted Only.
£  7 – Per Cab Light
£ 45 – ESU Stay Alive Fitted (Requires ESU Decoder Fitted.)
£ 12 – Interior Coach Lights (Per Coach) Power Car & Dummy Option.
£ 36 – Interior Coach Lights (Per Centre Coach)
£ 24 – Std Decoder to Centre Coaches (Per Coach)

Class 390 Voyager Pendolino V5 Sound Functions

Function Commands:
F0:- Directional Lights
F1:- Pan Up Sound On
F2:- High Tone Horn. Directional
F3:- Low Tone Horn. Directional
F4:- Brakes Releasing.
F5:- On = Door Release Bleep/Doors Open – Turn Off = Dispatch Whistle – Doors Closing Sounds
F6:-  Shift to Announcements (See Footnote)
F7:-  Toilet Flush
F8:-  On = Drivers cab door open – Off = Drivers cab door closed
F9:-  Coupling Squence
F10:-  Flange Squeal

F11:-  Guard to Driver Buzzer- Driver acknowledges
F13:-  Rail Clack.*

F14:-  Cab Light 1.
F15:-  Cab Light 2.*
F16:-  On=Fade Out (reduces sound Doppler effect to 25% Volume) Off=Back to normal setting
F17:- Brake 1 Option (Slows Loco down 50% Quicker) without using Speed Controller
F18:- Brake 2 Option (Slows Loco down 65% Quicker) without using Speed Controller
F19:- Brake 3 Option (Slows Loco down 85% Quicker) without using Speed Controller
F20:-  Washers

* Flange Squeal only operates at low speed turns off over 15mph

F6 Operation
Only whilst the Pendolino is Stood (Not Moving)
Once F6 is on by using F2 to F12 these will play the Announcements listed below

West Coast

F2:- Glasgow to London Euston  Station Announcement
F3:- Glasgow to London Euston  Onboard Announcement
F4:- London Euston to Glasgow
Station Announcement
F5:- London Euston to Glasgow  Onboard Announcement

F7:- Liverpool to London Euston Station Announcement
F8:- Liverpool to London Euston Onboard Announcement
F9:- London Euston to Liverpool Station Announcement
F10:- London Euston to Liverpool Onboard Announcement

F11:- Crewe to London Euston Station Announcement
F12:- Crewe to London Euston Onboard Announcement 

F6:- Turned off will reverse back to Standard Sounds

During the 1970s, British Railways had pursued the concept of tilting train technology for the West Coast Main Line through the Class 370 Advanced Passenger Train concept, allowing for higher speeds to be taken through curves. By minimising lateral forces on the passengers, the tendency to slide sideways was reduced, which in turn allowed passenger comfort levels to be maintained at higher speeds. Even with the cancellation of the APT project, the idea of train tilt was still being considered in the 1980s for the InterCity 225 project, and again during the 1990s for the aborted InterCity 250 concept. In 1997, when Virgin Trains were awarded the franchise to operate the West Coast Main Line following the privatisation of British Rail, it was on the proviso that new rolling stock was to be introduced, replacing the ageing Class 86/87/90 locomotives and Mark 2/3 coaches and so a £500 million order was placed with Alstom/Fiat Ferroviaria to construct fifty-four, eight-car tilting train sets, later increasing to nine, then eleven car sets. The current Pendolino fleet of 52 sets comprises 31 eleven-car sets and 21 nine-car sets and all have been transferred to Avanti West Coast, the operating name for the new West Coast Partnership between FirstGroup plc and Trenitalia UK that took over the operation of the existing West Coast Main Line services on 8 December 2019, from Virgin Trains.

On the 25th of August 2020 Avanti West Coast unveiled a new livery for one of its train-sets. Billed as the biggest Pride flag the UK has seen on the side of a train, the new livery wraps the full length of the 11 carriages in the Progressive Pride flag colours. The first service of this newly liveried train was staffed by a LGBTQ+ crew with the train filled with literature, stories and colourful posters featuring Pride related information as well as fun facts during the onboard announcements. It was announced in mid-October, after asking the public to submit suggestions, that the train would be named ‘Progress’.

Five additional coaches in Avanti Pride livery are available allowing this set to be expanded up to a 9-car set. The coaches required to do this are

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