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Hornby R3913 Class 20/9 20905 GBRf Livery.

Hornby R3913 Class 20/9
20905 – Railroad Range
In GBRf Livery.

In Stock Ready to Order!

Locomotive Prices:.
£ 73 – Analogue.
£ 115 – 8 Pind Decoder Fitted.
£148 – TTS Fitted

£206 – ESU V5 Olivia’s Sound Fitted.

Additional Work Available- DCC Fitted Only:(NOT TTS)
£36 – Working Lights Fitted. (Cab End)
£50 – Directional Working Lights (Both Ends

£ 7 – Cab Light
£45 – ESU Stay Alive Fitted

Olivia’s Trains ESU V5 Sound Function List For Class 20 Loco’s.

F0: Directional Lights
F1: Sound On/Off.
F2: High Horn.
F3: Low Horn.
F4: Air Release.
F05:  Buffer Clash
F06:  Coupling
F07:  Cab Door Slam.
F08:  Dispatch Whistle.
F09:  Driver Acknowledgement.
F10:  Flange Squeal.*
F11:  Compressor.
F12:  Air Cylinder Drain Valve/ Pop.
F13:  Rail Clack.*
F14:  Notch Up.
F15:  Notch Down.
F16:  Fade Out/In Sound
F17:  Cab Lighting
F18: Coupler waltz (In conjunction with Kadee Coupling)
F19: Tail Light Operation No 2 End. Cab End
F20: Tail Light Operation No 1 End. Nose End

* These are speed dependent and require the unit to be moving, Flange squeal only sounds at low speed (15MPH).


Built between 1957 and 1968 for use on light mixed freight trains, 228 English Electric Type 1 (later to become Class 20) locomotives were built. Affectionately known as ‘Choppers’, due to their distinctive engine sound, most of the class have now been retired from traffic but a few remain working, particularly with GBRf. Six locomotives were sold to Hunslet-Barclay and modified following withdrawal in 1989 for contract freight traffic and weed killing trains. Subsequently sold on to DRS, 20901 and 20905 were purchased by the Harry Needle Railroad Company and were then hired to GBRf for transporting London Underground stock between London and Derby, being painted into GBRf Europorte’s Blue and Gold livery for the duration of the contract.

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£6 Royal Mail upto 10kg (Recorded Delivery 2-5 days) from postal Date
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£22 DHL upto 1kg insured to £300
£34 DHL Insured to £800
Over 1kg we will discuss the weight & insured value on a per order valuation.

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