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Heljan 4000 Prototype HS4000 Kestrel

Heljan 4000 Hawker Siddeley
HS4000 “Kestrel” – Prototype.
Pristine Or Weathered. Exclusive To Olivia’s.

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Pristine Finish.
*Weathered Finish.

Pristine Locomotive Prices:
£175 – Analogue.
£203 – Decoder Fitted.
£270 – ESU V5 Olivia’s Sound Fitted
Weathered Locomotive Prices:
*£205 – Analogue.
£233 – Decoder Fitted.
£341 – ESU V5 Olivia’s Sound Fitted
Additional Work Available- DCC Fitted Only:
£10 – Tail Lamp Modification.
£ 7 – Cab Light (Per Cab)

Construction of the locomotive (Brush works No. 711 of 1967) started in 1966 and was complete by 1967. However the locomotive was considerably over the 20t axle-load limit specified by British Rail for its procurement requirements. The locomotive was officially handed over to BR on 29 January 1968 at Marylebone. Test runs were performed with both passenger and freight stock; the locomotive was primarily used to haul heavy freight trains – including a coal train of over 2000t weight – the locomotive achieved an 88% availability figure after 14,000 miles (23,000 km).

Following the fitting of its new bogies the locomotive was used on express passenger trains. On a Kings Cross to Newcastle service diagrammed for Class 55 Deltic operation the unit was 14mins faster than required even though the new traction motors meant reduced power at the rail.In March 1971 it was withdrawn from service in the UK and sent back to Brush for refitting.

The locomotive was sold to the Soviet Union in 1971 for £127,000, being shipped from Cardiff Docks to St Petersburgh docks by the MV Krasnokamsk in July 1971. On arrival in Russia, Kestrel was exhibited at the Moscow Rolling Stock Exhibition and then was moved to the All-Union Rail Transport Scientific Research Institute at Shcherbinka where it was re-gauged to 1,520 mm (4 ft 11 2732 in), and tested on a circular test railway as well as being used on some parts of the Russian rail network. After testing of the locomotive the engine was removed for static testing, and the locomotive body ballasted for use in high load tests of other vehicles.

The remains of the vehicle are believed to have been scrapped in 1993.

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