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Bachmann 36-503. Dynamis Rail Controller.

 Bachmann 36-503 Dynamis Rail Controller

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Price: £50.

After its launch at the 2016 Warley National Model Railway Exhibition, we are pleased to announce that the Dynamis RailController (36-503) is now available From Olivia’s Trains. By harnessing the power of the Dynamis Ultima, the RailController software gives you full control of your layout, making the operation of locomotives, points and signals quicker and easier.

Being compatible with Windows XP through to Windows 10, the Dynamis RailController software is built to optimize Windows touch screen technology making it easier to control your layout. The software works with OO, HO, N or O scale and gives you the option of scale speed operation for more realism on your layout. The Dynamis RailController allows the intuitive and simplified control of any DCC-fitted locomotives and shields you from much of the complexity of DCC control, thus eliminating the need to remember locomotive, point and signal addresses.Software now availabler and is available as a 30 day evaluation copy with the Dynamis Ultima (36-504RC) or can be downloaded from the Dynamis Ultima website now. To find out more information you can either visit the Dynamis RailController webpage or watch our YouTube video.

For more information on our most advanced DCC system to date, please visit our dedicated website at

Why Choose Dynamis Ultima?

Combines the features of Dynamis with the ProBox with more added
Wireless Infrared walk around handset
– up to 4 handsets can be used for 4 users at once
– joystick based control
– add further infrared receivers for greater coverage
Short / long decoder addresses (to 9999) with roster of 40 items on handset. Rapid setting of address.
– add a 16 character name to describe the loco (or a 5 or 6 digit actual loco number), a symbol or configure the operation of the function keys for that particular loco to ‘latch’ or ‘trigger’
3 amps power output
– 3 amps power output
– basestation connections for further power boosters to provide power in other power districts
Adjustable track voltage
– set lower for N scale, or higher for O or G scales
USB computer interface, to use available third party software
Universal and advanced consisting (according to the specification of the decoder)
– control more than one loco together as a unit
RailcomPlus® enabled basestation
– Makes it possible for Railcom enabled decoders to report information to Railcom readers or back to the Dynamis handset
Control of 100 accessory addresses (points etc) using up to 25 accessory decoders
Program and configure decoders in both service mode on a programming track and ops mode on the main running tracks of the layout
Will work with reverse loop modules etc

For more information on Dynamis Ultima, please visit the Bachmann FAQ pages.

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