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Dapol Class 73206. Gatwick Express

Dapol Class 73 206 “Gatwick Express”
In Gatwick Express Livery

Exclusive To Olivia’s Trains! (Donor OLIV001)

Pristine – Taking Orders!
Weathered – Taking Orders

Locomotive Prices:
£180 – Analogue.
£216 – ESU Lokpilot Decoder Fitted.
£316 – ESU V5 Olivia’s Sound Fitted.

DCC Options
£36 – Bi-Colour LED Tail Light Mod.  (F6/7)
£10 – Driver/Cab Light Mod.
F1 & F2 On Standard DCC these Functions operate the Cab Lights individually
F14 & F15 On Sound Version these Functions operate the Cab Lights individually

Additional Item Available
£ 5 – Venice-Simplon Orient Express Headboard

£3 – 73A or 73C Shedplate Per End affixed to the front of the locomotive
73 ShedcodesRed or Black Plate Option Available


Fitting DCC/ Sound? Please Look HERE.

Model does not have working tail lights.

Please refer to the enclosed instructions for headcode changing.

Please be aware if fitting DCC there is a fault on the PCB that causes the lights to operate in reverse direction.
The loco operates the lights correctly on analogue (12v DC) but if you wish to fit DCC yourself please let us know on the order and we can rectify the lighting, this however will cause the lights to be incorrect when running on analogue.

Any fitted by us (DCC or Sound) will have this corrected.

Olivia’s Trains ESU V5 Sound Function List For Class 73 Locomotives.
April 2019

F0: Directional Frontal Lights.
F1: Diesel Start Up/Shut Down (F20 Must Be Off)
F2: Horn.
F3: Horn.
F4: Brake Release.
F5:- On = Buffer Clash – Turn Off = Coupling
F6:-  No 2 End Tail Light Blind Mod **
F7:-  No 1 End Tail Light Mod. **
F8:-   On = Cab Door Open. Turn Off = Cab Door Close
F9:-  On = Dispatch Whistle – Turn Off = Driver Acknowledgement.
F10: Flange Squeal.*
F11:-  On Engine Running = Compressor.  On Engine Shut Down =Air Cylinder Drain Valve/ Pop
F12:-  Drive Hold. ( Old Notch up/Down) See a further explanation Below***
F13:-  Rail Clack.*
F14:-  No 1 End Cab Light (Includes Fitting of a Driver)
F15:-  No 2 End Cab Light (NON Driver End)
F16:-  On=Fade Out (reduces sound Doppler effect to 25% Volume) Off=Back to normal setting
F17:- Brake 1 Option (Slows Loco down 50% Quicker) without using Speed Controller
F18:- Brake 2 Option (Slows Loco down 65% Quicker) without using Speed Controller
F19:- Brake 3 Option (Slows Loco down 85% Quicker) without using Speed Controller
F20: 3rd Rail Running (F1 Must Be Off)

  • *Flange Squeal only operates at low speed turns off over 15mph
  •  *** Drive Hold this replaces notching up & down which was quite hard for us to explain & Locked the Engine rev. Using Drive Hold Press F12 Nothing will happen until you select the speed you require. Still the Loco will not move until you turn off F12 the trick using this is to turn this off before MAX Revs are reached, if not the Loco revs will decrease back to idle. Once the Loco has set off you can increase the speed & engine revs as normal
    Please Note due to the need to keep these Functions to an acceptable level we have incorporated duel functions on F5 & F9 the down side to this option is that when the Power is turned on the track or the Loco is placed on a live track you will hear the coupling ping & the Drivers Acknowledgement. We are slowly rolling out all V5 updates starting with Diesels

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