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Bachmann 32-755A. 57314 Arriva Trains Wales

Bachmann 32-755A. Class 57/3
In Arriva Trains Wales Livery.

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Locomotive Prices:
£185 – Analogue.
£217 – 21 Pin Std Decoder Fitted.

£321 – ESU V5 Olivia’s Sound Fitted.

Additional Work Available- DCC Fitted Only:
£10 – Tail Lamp Modification (Independent operation of tail lamps using function commands.)
£45 – ESU Stay Alive Fitted  See Footnote

Olivia’s Trains ESU V5 Sound Function List For Class 57 Locomotives.
March 2019

Function Commands:
F0:- Head/ Tail Lights. (Look at our Tail Light Mod)**
F1:- Engine Start Up/Shut Down.
F2:- High Tone Horn.
F3:- Low Tone Horn.
F4:- Brakes Releasing.
F5:- On = Buffer Clash – Turn Off = Coupling
F6:-  No 2 End Tail Light Mod (Non Driver End on Bachmann Models)**
F7:-  No 1 End Tail Light Mod. (Driver End)**
F8:-  Cab Door Slam.
F9:- On = Dispatch Whistle – Turn Off = Driver Acknowledgement.
F10:-  Flange Squeal.*
F11:-  On Engine Running = Compressor.  On Engine Shut Down =Air Cylinder Drain Valve/ Pop
F12:-  Drive Hold. ( Old Notch up/Down) See a further explanation Below***
F13:-  Rail Clack.*
F14:-  Cab Lights (This Model cannot have the standard option on turning either cab On/Off)
F15:-  Both Cab Lights turn on using F14 on this Model
F16:-  On=Fade Out (reduces sound Doppler effect to 25% Volume) Off=Back to normal setting
F17:- Brake 1 Option (Slows Loco down 50% Quicker) without using Speed Controller
F18:- Brake 2 Option (Slows Loco down 65% Quicker) without using Speed Controller
F19:- Brake 3 Option (Slows Loco down 85% Quicker) without using Speed Controller

• *Flange Squeal only operates at low speed turns off over 15mph

• ** A Loco can’t have Tails light lit when coupled to other vehicles this includes another Loco, wagons, coaches & brake vans. This was a punishable offence for the Driver on Main Line operation. Intermediate Tails lights on trains had a Special Bell Code for Signalman as this was termed as 2 Trains in 1 Section a sackable offence for the Signalman. 
This how serious this was in Railway Times right up to Power Signal Boxes taking over by using Track Circuit Block Signalling (TCB). 
This took away from most signalman to observe EVERY train had passed with Tail Light lit. Imagine a train becoming divided in a section then passing the Signal box the signalman saw the Tail Light of the Loco and allowed another train into this section with another part of the train still in the section. All retailers have always overlooked this apart from Bachmann having a flirt with switches under some chassis.

• Our Tail Light Mod on all Models except Hornby, allows you to turn either end on/off using F6 & F7 on V5 Decoders and nothing to do with directional lights

• *** Drive Hold this replaces notching up & down which was quite hard for us to explain & Locked the Engine rev. Using Drive Hold Press F12 Nothing will happen until you select the speed you require. Still the Loco will not move until you turn off F12 the trick using this is to turn this off before MAX Revs are reached, if not the Loco revs will decrease back to idle. Once the Loco has set off you can increase the speed & engine revs as normal 
Please Note due to the need to keep these Functions to an acceptable level we have incorporated duel functions on F5 & F9 the down side to this option is that when the Power is turned on the track or the Loco is placed on a live track you will hear the coupling ping & the Drivers Acknowledgement. We are slowly rolling out all V5 updates starting with Diesels

The Stay Alive takes it’s power from the track, the Decoder takes it’s power from the Stay Alive.  If you incur stuttering  either on your Main Track or when going over points this cures this problem with upto 6 secs of power. High cost but it works.

Ask also about our NEW Graphite Sticks (£3) another new idea to assist pick up problems.


As a result of a desire to improve rail services between north and south Wales, the Welsh Assembly Government introduced a loco-hauled set between Holyhead and Cardiff from December 2008. Operated by Arriva Train Wales under contract, the train was pitched at business travellers and included first class accommodation and full kitchen facilities. Motive power initially came from the Class 57/3 ‘Thunderbird’ fleet, where there was now a surplus of locos following improved reliability from the Pendolinos. 57314 and 57315 were both repainted in full Arriva colours for use on the train, although they still saw action with Virgin as well, such as dragging Class 390s to Holyhead. The Class 57/3s remained in charge until March 2012 when they were replaced by Class 67s, thereafter returning to Virgin duties. By November 2012, 57314 had been stripped of its Arriva logos ahead of its sale to West Coast Railways a month later. The first half of 2013 saw the loco used on charter trains still in its de-branded two-tone blue livery but it succumbed to a maroon repaint that June.

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