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Unless stated all items are OO Gauge (1:76)
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We get asked many questions referring to our site, the shop & our exclusive locomotive sounds. This is our quick guide to help you get started.

The Site:

What is the cost?

Prices on the website are of the total costs of the selected options.
£  60 – Analogue Locomotive Cost.- Std Locomotive No Modifications (12v DC Powered)
£  81 – Decoder Fitted Locomotive Cost.- Std Locomotive fitted With Standard DCC Decoder (Compliant with all NMRA standard DCC command stations)
£181 – Olivia’s Sound Fitted Locomotive Cost.- Std Locomotive Fitted With Olivia’s Sound (Loksound Decoders – Compliant with all NMRA standard DCC command stations)
£  10 – Tail Lamp Modification (If Sound Fitted.)- Independent Tail Lamp Operation On Bachmann Locos With Sound Fitted.
£    5 – P&P Recorded Delivery.
£    8 – P&P Special Delivery Fully Insured.
Sometimes we offer DCC fitted locos, we still keep this structure and alter the price accordingly to reflect .

What is the Tail Lamp Modification?

The tail lamp mod separates the tail lights from the white lights and puts them to a different function (F5 & F6) this allows you to switch the tail lamps off (example- between loco & rolling stock you would never have the tail lamps on) or switch both ends.

Do I Need To Fit A Standard Decoder As Well As A Sound Decoder?

This is a common myth, the Sound Decoder IS The Decoder, it controls everything, Sound, Lights, Motor etc. The Loksound decoder is like the Rolls Royce of Decoders. there are sound modules that do require a decoder for the motor control but these tend to be at the lower/ basic end of the DCC range (and generally made with generic- computer synthesised sounds) We do not sell sound modules.

Do You Do Sound for Other Makes Of Decoder?

No. We only do Loksound and are unable to re-blow other sound decoders.

My Loco Doesn’t Run very well on analogue, will fitting a decoder improve this?

No. You always have the ability to alter the motor settings, but generally a bad runner on DC will be a bad runner on DCC.

Do I Have To Have Hornby Decoders For Hornby Locos etc?

No, All Decoders are NMRA compliant, this is a set of guidelines for manufacturers to follow to ensure that all DCC equipment works together. Therefore, Loksound Decoder Work On Any System.

What Other Items do you stock?

We are mainly OO Gauge Items, we do not do N Gauge or O Gauge, We do however supply XL Decoders for O Gauge & Micro decoders for N gauge, we do not have a fitting service for these.

Do You Take On Commissions for Resprays?

We currently do not take on resprays of customers locos, we do occasionally have resprays done as shop stock, so it is worth checking the latest additions page.

Limited Editions.

Where possible we try to ensure the certificates are complete with the locos but due to the nature of the supply, they sometimes get mislaid, We cannot guarantee the certificate is complete.

Our Files/ Projects Remain the property of Olivia’s Trains & Cannot be Used Without Express Permission or for Commercial Use.

For more information contact us on 0114 2647 449 or email