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Unless stated all items are OO Gauge (1:76)
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About Olivia’s Trains

 Olivia’s Trains comes from the name of my first grandchild, Olivia Sophie Smart, now aged 21 (2018). She was UK & Scottish Novice Ice Skater Champion 2008. She won the British Junior Ice Dance Championship for 3 consecutive year upto Nov 2013 with partner Joe Buckland. They competed at Senior Level from 2014 and was UK Senior British Champions for 2014/15 and achieved Lottery Funding. Unfortunately Joe has decided to part from Olivia and fulfill his ambitions with another partner ( and I wish him well).
Jan  2016 After 7 months of trialing with partners Olivia finally found another partner.  His name is Adrian and SPANISH, yes unfortunately Olivia now Skates for Spain as the Talent in the UK is minimal and Olivia would  never have fulfilled her ambition to skate in the Olympic Games if she had tried to find a UK partner.  She moved from the USA  to Canada  from 1st Feb 2016 to train with  her new partner.

Dec 17th 2017 Olivia & Adrian Won the Spanish National Title to become The Spanish No 1’s in Ice Dance.

  • I started selling my Special Loco’s with Sound in 2004 and the only platform I could use was Ebay and, as with Ebay you require a name to list and Olivia was the Star of the time, I thought it fitting to call my selling tag as Olivia’s-Trains. So that’s how we became Olivia’s Trains. The only trouble is that we now have a grandson Liam and he wants the next shop (if there is to be one) to be called Liam’s trains. That may confuse!
  • We are specialists in certain fields starting with of course Sound. I was a Train Driver so have a Railway background so I do know a bit about Diesel/Electric Traction and have Driven & Instructed quite a few in my Railway Career.
  • The other items we pride ourselves on, is our Special & Limited Editions. We go to great lengths to get as many of these we can. We resource people who say they can do special Loco’s and my favourite answer to those of you who say they can is give me examples and we’ll sell your Loco’s under our Umbrella.
  • We offer Commissions on any Loco you fancy even if it never existed!We Pride ourselves in the Friendly Service we offer both over the phone & in person. We really like to put a face to a name and we welcome callers to come and spend time with us, try out locomotives and get exactly what you want.
  • You can have a cup of Tea or Coffee with us during your visit and there’s a Café right across from the shop if you want a bite to eat.

About us in the shop:-

Neil- Proprietor

  • Mad on railways (Ex- BR!) avid spotter until leaving school in 1971 then guess what? Started work for BR in Oct 1971 (messenger) Rotherwood (Sheffield) Starting point of EM1’s in Sheffield (Our project commissioned with Heljan 2010)
  • 1972-1973- RDR Train Register Lad (Darnall West, Woodhouse Junc’. & Beighton Junc’.)
  • 1973-1978 Footplate Career Started as a Second-man / Drivers Assistant. at Tinsley
  • 1978-1987 Relief Driver at Tinsley.
  • 1987-1990 Transferred to Huddersfield for Promotion to Driver.
  • 1990-1996 Driver at Sheffield.
  • 1996-2001 Traction Inspector/Driver Manager at Manchester Piccadilly/ Trafford Park.
  • 2001-2007 Driver Instructor/Driver Manager at Nottingham.
  • 2008-Ongoing Olivia’s Trains
  • Locomotive types Driven:
  • 08/ 13 (2×08) my very 1st Driving Turn 13002 (will never forget.)
  • 20/ 24/ 25/ 31/ 37/ 40/ 45/ 46/ 47 (my basic traction) 56.
  • DMU:
  • 101/108/121/128/ 141/ 142/ 144/ 150 (my basic traction) 153/ 156/ 158/ 170.
  • EMU:
  • 305/ 309/ 321/ 322/ 323 (my basic traction.)
  • HST.

Ericka: –  Shop Manager

  • 2018- Shop Manager
  • First Aider & Fire Marshall.

Barry: Shop Staff (P/T)

  • 2009-Ongoing- Mon/Tues/ & Fri + Holiday Cover.
  • Our Resident Steam Expert   Mon, Tues & Fri are the Best Day’s to Call for his Advice

Zoe: Shop Staff (Part Time) – (Train & Dog mad)

  • 2008- 2014- Science Technician.
  • 2009- 2014 – Saturday Part Time Staff
  • 2015- 2017 – Shop Manager.
  • First Aider & Fire Marshall.
  • Has extensive knowledge of railways- 1:76 Scale & 1:1 Scale!

Ray: IT Specialist (Part Time)

  • Our  IT Guy. Don’t delay, send for Ray!

Jordan: Post Master

  • 2015 – Ongoing

Our Workshop Team

Rob: Production 

  • Our final eye before your items depart to you.
  • 2012- Ongoing.
  • First Aider & Fire Marshall.

Chris: Paint/Weather Shop (Taken from Work Experience Program.)

  • Chris is also responsible for the weathering and renumbering of locomotives at Olivia’s.
  • 2009- Ongoing.

Jake: Fitter – Workshop (Taken from Work Experience Program.)

  • 2015- Ongoing.

Olivias Trains Ltd May 2018

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